Top 10 best selling cars of 2022 -

Top 10 best selling cars of 2022


10. Chevrolet Equinox [116,678 units sold]

2022 Chevrolet Equinox
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Through the first half of 2022, Equinox is now in second place in the mainstream compact-crossover sales contest. However, sales were down from the previous year. Read more...

9. Toyota Corolla [116,832 units sold]

2022 Toyota Corolla
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Despite being a symbol of affordability, dependability, and fuel economy, Toyota Corolla's sales are declining. Sales decreased by 25% over the previous year. The 300-hp GR Corolla hot hatchback, which recently made its debut, is indeed thrilling, but because of its niche status, Corolla volumes won't ever be able to increase much. Read more...

8. Toyota Highlander [117,403 units sold]

Toyota Highlander
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The Toyota Highlander entered the top 10 bestsellers this year after climbing the sales charts, but it had a poor second quarter. Sales are currently down 19% from last year. Read more...

7. GMC Sierra [118,938 units sold]

GMC Sierra
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The more premium twin of the Chevy Silverado makes it onto the list of the ten best-selling cars for the first half of the year. This applies to both Sierra 1500 light-duty and heavy-duty variants. Read more...

6. Jeep Grand Cherokee [134,369 units sold]

Jeep Grand Cherokee
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We're not used to seeing Jeep's mid-size SUV this high on the list of best-selling vehicles, much like the Highlander. In comparison to last year, sales of the new two-row variants and the three-row L have increased by 25%. Read more...

5. Toyota Camry [135,925 units sold]

Toyota Camry
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Even though SUVs now predominate this list, the Toyota Camry continues to be the most popular car that is neither an SUV nor a pickup truck. The Camry lost 24 percent of its market share but still outperformed several SUVs and far outperformed the Corolla, the second-best passenger car. Read more...

4. Toyota RAV4 [200,885 units sold]

Toyota RAV4
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In recent years, the RAV4 has solidified its position as the best-selling non-pickup, and that trend appears to be set to continue in 2022. Despite a 9 percent decline in sales, it still outsells the next highest-selling model on this list by a significant margin. Read more...

3. Ram Pickup [244,983 units sold]

Ram Pickup
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Ram's pickup lineup, which includes both lights- and heavy-duty models, decreased by 22% from the previous year. Although the Chevy just recaptured the lead, it and the Silverado have been competing for the silver medal in the sales race. Read more...

2. Chevrolet Silverado [259,516 units sold]

Chevrolet Silverado
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For 2022, the light-duty Silverado 1500 would receive an update, and to overtake the Ram and take second place, it had to regain some lost sales momentum. Sales of the heavy-duty model are also included in these figures. Read more...

1. Ford F-Series [299,345 units sold]

Ford F- Series
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The F-series lineup maintained its lead in the sales standings despite a 17 percent dip. The Lightning, an electric variant of the F-150, has also begun to be sold by Ford. Read more...

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