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2022 Kia Carens Review: Specs and Pricing

2022 Kia Carens

2022 Kia Carens
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The variety of variants is broad in typical Kia fashion. There are two seating arrangements, five trim lines, and five engine-gearbox combinations. There are three different engine options: 1.5-liter petrol with 115 horsepower and 144 pound-feet of torque; a 1.4-liter turbo-petrol with 140 horsepower and 242 pound-feet of torque; and a 115 horsepower and 250 pound-feet of torque (offered with a 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic).

The 1.4 petrol manual and 1.5 diesel manual are the only versions provided in all five trim levels, although the automatic alternatives can be purchased in fully loaded form. The 1.5 petrol is only available in the lower trims.

The Carens is typically available as a 7-seater with a middle row of benches, while top-spec Luxury Plus trims offer a 6-seat alternative with middle-row captain's seats. Phew. The 6-seat gasoline and diesel automatics are highlighted here.

2022 Carens: Exterior

The Hyundai Alcazar, a close relative of the Carens, has the appearance of an XXL-sized Creta in contrast to the Carens, which resembles a stretched Seltos. If you carefully look for them, you can notice some cosmetic similarities between the two Kias, but you won't mistake one for the other.

The Carens have the fundamental outline of an MPV thanks to its low-set bonnet and spacious interior, but it also has an SUV-like appearance because of features like the cladding at the sides and around the wheel wells.

Premium Carens trim come with stylish 16-inch rims. A more SUV-like stance may have been achieved with wider rims, but doing so would have necessitated larger wheel wells, which might have constrained the inside room. The Carens is a lovely car overall with lots of appealing details.

A knurled gloss-black plate connecting the stylish split headlamps on either side of the front end spans the width of the car, giving it the Carens' distinctive visage. The distinctive "Tiger Nose" indents of the Kia grille have been relocated to the chrome surround of the air dam, which is located lower down.

The LED fog lamps that are discreetly nestled into the bumper are an easy-to-miss touch. The top LED DRLs, which are structured like a constellation and flash orange to serve as turn signals, is another unique feature.

The Carens' 4,540mm length makes it very obvious that it is a big vehicle, especially when viewed in profile. To Kia's credit, despite the Carens' lengthy wheelbase (2,780mm), big back doors, and significant rear overhang, it doesn't appear boring.

Even the glasshouse has a stylish feature, with upswept quarter windows, and a sleek waistline that widens at the front doors and narrows out toward the back. Kia has also effectively utilized brushed and chrome elements at the side cladding, door handles, and window line. However, the roof rails are merely ornamental and cannot support any weight.

The huge triangular tail lamps are connected by a light bar for a tidy tail finish. The rear also has a chrome garnish with knurled accents at the bumper.

2022 Carens: Interior

When you enter the Carens, the level of quality will astound you first and foremost. As far as mass-market automobiles go, everything, from the gloss panel on the dashboard to the tiny buttons on the center console, appears luxurious. The navy blue-on-cream interior theme, reminiscent of the Mercedes E 350d, is intriguing in and of itself.

The interior of the Carens is similarly a simple place to feel at ease. The excellent outside view, adjustable steering, comfortable seats, and accessibility to all buttons and controls will appeal to drivers.

Notably, the 10.25-inch touchscreen, which is slanted to reduce reflections and lies flush against the modern dashboard, is simple to view on sunny days. But most of us weren't fans of the tachometer and speedometer's comparatively plain LCD displays.

It is a well-designed area as well, with enough front-facing storage for smaller goods. The Carens provide cupholders with ventilation, a pop-out cupholder for the front passenger, and a storage tray under the front seat in addition to a sizable glovebox, bottle holders at the doors, and a sizable utility box in the space between the front seats. At the center console, there is also a wireless phone charging pad.

2022 Carens: Second Row Space

The Carens' middle row is easy to access thanks to spacious rear doors that open widely and seats that are positioned at a comfortable height. Once you are in your new location, the feeling of comfort only increases.

The captain's chairs in the 6-seat version are very comfortable and well-cushioned, and you can easily find a comfortable seating position thanks to the adjustable armrests and backrest angle options. Even in the middle position, there is plenty of legroom, but to get the full impact, you should move the seats all the way back.

Customers who choose the 7-seat model, which has a 60:40 split bench seat for the middle row, will also be happy with the level of comfort. Three average-sized adults can fit comfortably, and the middle-seat passenger has it easy thanks to the nearly flat floor.

The Carens' big windows, which have retractable sunshades, provide a wonderful view of the outside, and it's also pleasant that frontal vision is good from the back. Before you ask, the Carens only has a single-pane sunroof and is not equipped with a panoramic roof. A full-length sunroof won't be an option in the future either due to the roof-mounted air-con vents.

On the plus side, there is a dedicated blower control and the vents are efficient at directing air to the back. Additionally, the Carens include an air purifier that is oddly located behind the driver's seat backrest. Even though it's a useful thing to have, the system is extremely loud at work.

Two USB Type C chargers, two cupholders at the center console, and huge bottle holders are all available to middle-seat occupants. Additionally, there is room between the captain's chairs for storing women's handbags.

2022 Carens: Third Row Space

The comfort of the third row is what makes the Carens genuinely unique. Both middle-row seats have a tumble and fold capabilities, however, only the kerbside seat has a fantastic one-touch electric assisted operation.

The seat automatically folds out of the way when a button is pressed on the shoulder of the seat. The resulting aperture is substantial, and accessing the final row is manageable. The far back seats are likewise cozy and not as knee-high as we've come to anticipate in third rows. 

The room available is very astounding, and the backrest angle may also be adjusted to your preference. Medium-sized adults will feel at home in the rear, and even six-footers may seat in decent comfort with a little help from the second-row passengers.

Third-row passengers also don't feel cramped because of the wide back windows, superb frontal sight, and roof-mounted ventilation. Long-distance travelers will find the third row to be more comfortable thanks to the side-by-side cupholders and USB Type C charging capabilities.

2022 Carens: Connectivity and Features

The list of everything the Carens receives is extensive. Luxury Plus trims with the highest level of equipment include LED lighting, ventilated front seats, a sleek 10.25-inch touchscreen, Bose audio, connected technology, 64-color ambient lighting, LCD instruments, a sunroof, auto climate control, an onboard air purifier, cruise control, and electric seat tumbling.

However, it must be noted that the Hyundai Alcazar, which will likely be in the same consideration group, has more features than the Carens. On the Alcazar, but not on the Carens, you'd find features like powered front seats, a 360-degree camera, blind-spot monitoring cameras, and a panoramic sunroof. That is, at least for the time being.

The Carens perform admirably in terms of standard safety features, including ESC, six airbags, front and rear disc brakes, ISOFIX child-seat mounts, and a tire pressure monitoring system. Rear-view cameras and front and rear parking sensors are included in higher trim levels. The Carens comply with the most recent Indian crash laws, however, Global NCAP has not yet tested it

2022 Carens: Engine and Performance

A 115hp, 1.5-liter diesel engine might not seem sufficient for a vehicle that needs to transport up to seven passengers, but the Alcazar, the Carens' cousin, has shown that the engine works well for the most part.

In everyday city driving, you won't notice any lack of power, and even when you need to overtake someone quickly, you'll appreciate how the 6-speed gearbox helps to keep you from falling behind. The Carens diesel is a smooth cruiser that easily reaches cruising speeds. In the sixth gear, 100kph is reached at an indicated 1,900 rpm.

The engine is fine while carrying up to four people, but when carrying a full load, it feels uncomfortable. When you need more power, you can hear the engine working harder, there is a grumble from the engine compartment, and the gearbox frequently needs to downshift to get the most out of the engine.

This is only highlighted by steep climbs and protracted inclines with a heavy load. Given the nature of this engine, you won't be reaching for paddle shifters very frequently, but they are helpful when you need a quick shift. Sport driving mode also aids, but only to a certain extent.

In the diesel manual, the narrative is comparable. The well-weighted clutch and smooth 6-speed gearbox are simple to use, and there is adequate power for typical city driving. However, it is not as quick as the Seltos with the same engine and transmission.

You will need to pay attention to the equipment you are in when you have a full load. The engine doesn't provide the same amount of power reserve that you'd find in a bigger car like an Innova Crysta.

In our performance tests, the Carens diesel-auto achieved a 0-100kph time of 12.55 seconds, matching the performance of the Alcazar diesel with a similar specification. The Carens diesel's selling point, though, will be economy rather than performance.

The 1.4 turbo-petrol-powered Carens will appeal to those looking for a more vivacious model. The 140 horsepower and 242 Nm engine has a comfortable power build-up from the outset and is a smooth operator. Above 1,600 rpm, you can feel the engine's sportier side, and winding the engine occasionally is enjoyable.

However, the Carens' 7-speed dual-clutch doesn't kick down as rapidly as the Seltos, which has the same engine and gearbox, suggesting that the Carens' reactions have been muted. When you press down firmly on the accelerator, a gear shift happens after a brief delay. While helpful in this situation, sport mode is not as responsive as with the Seltos.

A more considerate driving approach is more in line with the Carens experience and does smooth out the entire journey.

In our initial performance tests, the Seltos DCT completed the 0-100kph dash in 9.72 seconds, compared to 10.18 seconds for the Carens petrol auto. But in terms of kick-down acceleration, the two Kias were quite close.

Although a Carens buyer may not prioritize driving thrills, it must be acknowledged that the version with a 6-speed manual transmission allows you to enjoy the turbo-petrol engine more. Again, you'll love how smooth the shifts are and how light the clutch is, but you'll also notice how adaptable this engine feels.

You get a fairly wide powerband to experiment with because it pulls well at 1,200 rpm and is ready to perform at its finest by 1,600 rpm. Petrol heads should be intrigued by a 9.71 second 0-100 kph time.

2022 Carens: On Road Price

The Kia Carens is priced from Rs. 9.60 Lakh to Rs. 17.70 Lakh. The Kia Carens is available in 19 versions, with the Premium model serving as the entry-level option and the Luxury Plus Diesel AT model, which has a starting price of Rs. 17.70 lakh, as the highest variant.

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