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2022 Toyota Sequoia Review: Specs and Pricing

2022 Toyota Sequoia

2022 Toyota Sequoia
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With the help of a spacious third row and a wealth of standard active safety systems, the outdated Toyota Sequoia just about maintains its relevance until 2022. However, it's challenging to look past the interior's extensive use of inferior materials and a primitive infotainment system by today's standards.

The Sequoia still has a lot of jitteriness and squeakiness that enters the cabin on the uneven ground despite having an independent rear suspension. Although Toyota has a 7000-pound towing capacity and a powerful 381-hp V-8 paired with a six-speed automatic and rear- or four-wheel drive, its fuel economy is poor.

Off-road capability is a selling point for fans of the brand's well-liked TRD variants, but it's also one of the few standout features of the 2022 Sequoia, which will shortly benefit from a generational redesign.

What has Changed for 2022?

Toyota doesn't make any significant changes to the lineup of Sequoia vehicles for 2022. The only new component is Wind Chill Pearl paint, which takes the place of Super White and Blizzard Pearl. However, we anticipate the Sequoia to enter a new generation as well, probably for the 2023 model year, in conjunction with the launch of an entirely new Toyota Tundra.

2022 Sequoia: Engine and Performance

Only a 381-hp V-8 engine coupled to a six-speed automatic transmission and either rear- or four-wheel drive is offered as options for the Sequoia. The Sequoia we examined had a sensitive gas pedal and a smooth-shifting transmission, making it fairly speedy around town. It also had sufficient power for passing or merging into highways.

The Sequoia boasts a modern-looking rear suspension despite being constructed on a pickup truck chassis. While it kept us safe from the worst bumps, as we crossed uneven terrain, there were too many vibrations and rattles that invaded the cabin. Although none of its competitors are particularly enjoyable to drive, they all have better handling and a more collected feel.

The Toyota's mild steering made it simple to maneuver in small places and while driving down the highway, but the lack of feedback made handling even worse. The brake pedal of the Sequoia was simple to adjust and became firmer after initial inputs.

The genuine off-road equipment on the TRD Pro variant includes a raised suspension, powerful shock absorbers, and unique wheels with big tires. Although it can tow up to 7400 pounds, many rivals can draw an additional 1000 pounds or more.

2022 Sequoia: Interior and Comfort

The Sequoia's cabin continues to look dated because of the garish controls and cheap-looking plastics. But the large knobs and obvious buttons do have a purpose. However, this SUV noticeably lacks contemporary conveniences seen in most competitors, like a heated steering wheel, a head-up display, and massaging front seats.

The Sequoia appeals to people who prefer a sturdy interior devoid of unnecessary features. Most other people won't. Thankfully, there is ample passenger capacity, with roomy legroom in all three seats.

Additionally, the third row has adequate room for adults. With the rear seats folded, the Sequoia can accommodate a sizable amount of carry-on luggage behind the third row. This is significant since, unlike the Ford Expedition, the Toyota does not offer an extended version with more cargo space. Additionally, it has enough inside cubby space to double as a mobile yard sale.

2022 Sequoia: Connectivity

A 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system is available in the Sequoia series. Toyota makes both smartphone-friendly technologies available as standard equipment and finally adds support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The Sequoia also features a Wi-Fi hotspot, which after a free trial requires a subscription. There is also a rear-seat entertainment system and a more advanced JBL audio system available.

2022 Sequoia: Pricing

The basic price of the 2022 Toyota Sequoia is $50,500, which is comparable to the starting prices of several other large SUVs. The price of each subsequent trim level rises by a few thousand dollars, with the Platinum model being the most expensive at $66,550. There are a few competitors in the same price range.

Which one to Purchase?

Sequoia has one of the highest beginning prices when compared to the majority of its peers. Even if its most expensive trim level costs less than $70,000, you could also get a top-of-the-line Chevy Tahoe or GMC Yukon with that amount of money. By staying with the well-equipped base SR5 model, we'd make the Sequoia as valuable as possible.

It includes a tonne of standard driver assistance features, many of which are optional on rival vehicles. Eight people may fit in the second-row bench seat of the SR5, while captain's chairs are an option for the seven-seat Sequoia. The SR5 may be equipped with four-wheel drive for $3255, which offers those who need it four-season security.

The sole substantial option on this model is the Premium package, however we don't believe the high cost is justified by the content. Unfortunately, it's the only way to obtain an SR5 with a heated front seat, leather interior, and high-end audio system.

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