How to Repair Car Dent Easily at Home -

How to Repair Car Dent Easily at Home

Simple Ways To Fix Car Dent

How to remove car dent at home
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Common Causes of Dent

Accidents do happen occasionally. Despite your extreme caution while handling and dealing with your car, sometimes even dents can find their way to it. Your car could suffer dents for a variety of reasons. Dents, however, are still dents, and they are undesirable on your car, or any car, for that matter.

If the dents are merely little ones, like those your car would get from unintentionally running into your garage wall, they are actually rather simple to remove. In reality, you can complete it on your own. Your car might become dent-free if you have the right tools, the right supplies, and enough technical know-how.


Drilling a hole through the dent's center would be the initial step. By doing so, you can reach the dent's actual center and proceed from there. After that, place a dent-pulling tool inside the hole you just made.

A dent-pulling tool can be purchased at auto parts retailers as well as other shops that provide products for automobiles. Pull on the tool after inserting it within the hole to remove the dent. Continue doing this until your car's dent pops out or, at the very least, appears flat. The dent-pulling tool can be taken out of the hole once you've reached this stage.

Bang out the dent's back on the other side of the metal sheet that was just dented. However, be careful to execute this carefully. When you notice that it is already smooth, you will know exactly when to stop. Both a dolly and a metalworking hammer can be used for this.

You can now fill the hole you drilled with body filler once the dent is smooth, and then later cover the area with touch-up paint. Your car would appear to have never had a ding in it if you did it that way.

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