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What is a Hybrid Car?

A Hybrid Vehicle's Definition

How Hybrid Cars Work?
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Mechanism of a Hybrid Car

Each of us cares about the environment and contributes to its protection. The decision we make to purchase a car will have the biggest environmental impact of all the decisions we make.

Hybrid vehicles offer an innovative and cost-effective solution to improve fuel efficiency while also contributing to environmental protection. Consumers were leery of hybrid automobiles just a few years ago, but today they represent a sensible option, and more and more people are hopping on board.

A hybrid vehicle combines a modest, fuel-efficient engine with an electric motor to assist the engine when more power is required for acceleration. Battery banks that are constantly charging while you drive supply the electric motor with power. When you stop, the engine automatically turns off, saving energy. Then it restarts itself when you apply the gas.

The hybrid car also has a more sophisticated lightweight aerodynamic shell, which it pairs with stiffer, narrower low roll resistance tires to assist minimize drag.

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