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Devel Sixteen Review: Specs and Pricing

Updated: Apr 11

Devel Sixteen


I'll start by asking you a question. Have you ever considered driving a car with 5000 horsepower? Yes, it does exist. This impossibility has been made achievable by Devel Motors, an auto manufacturing business with its headquarters in Dubai.

Dubai has frequently made headlines for its unusual structures and designs. In light of this, you will see them attempting to succeed in the automobile industry.

As a result, the Devel Sixteen, also known as the 5000 horsepower car, has drawn the attention of journalists and professionals in the field of automobiles. The 5000Hp engine and Devel Sixteen top speed stand out.

Unexpectedly, the maker hasn't yet disclosed the precise details and characteristics. Any guesses as to the cost of the Devel 16? You'll learn more about me eventually, though!

Devel Sixteen: Pricing

The anticipated cost of the Devel 16 was announced by Majid Al-Attar, one of the company's founders. Majid discussed the cost of the Devel 16 in 3 variations during an interview with Supercar Blondie. Devel 16's base model, a V8 with 2000 horsepower, costs 1.6 million dollars. A mid-range or more potent model (V16, 3000 horsepower) will cost about 1.8 million dollars. Finally, the Devel Sixteen 5000 hp's most potent version will cost you 2.2 million dollars.

Devel Sixteen: Engine And Specifications

There are a lot of road-legal supercars in this category, including the Bugatti Chiron and others, but we now have a new rival.

The Devel Sixteen is currently fighting with Koenigsegg & Bugatti thanks to one of the most powerful vehicle engines. In terms of Devel 16 specifications, the supercar has a 12.3-liter V16 Quad Turbo petrol engine.

The Devel Sixteen engine produces an astounding 5,007 horsepower at 6,900 rpm and 4,711 Nm of peak torque at 6,600 rpm, according to the power output. This massive power is delivered to a dual-clutch automatic transmission before being distributed to all four wheels.

Wait for a second! Let me consider the numbers. First of all, that massive V16 engine has never before been seen in my life. Second, the Devel 16 horsepower figures show that there is a whopping 5,007 horsepower. The unique supercar continues to dare to take on any other supercar in the world.

The engine, crankshaft, and camshaft are all derived from a single-piece high-strength stainless steel/aluminum block in terms of mechanical development. You get 2 valves per cylinder and 16 high-performance Titanium pistons.

You won't believe the exhaust note produced by the Devel Sixteen's engine, which has three times the power of the Bugatti Chiron.

As I mentioned previously, Steve Morris Engines' engineers and designers deserve all the credit. The business specializes in building custom engines and has broken multiple performance and development records.

The primary objective of Devel Motors, according to its founders, was to create something extraordinary for the roadways. Something a car lover has never seen before, and the perfect business partner to work with on engines.

Devel Sixteen: Top Speed And Acceleration

The Devel Sixteen is the fastest vehicle of 2022, reaching a top speed of 348 mph (560 km/h). Sixteen is in the testing and development stage, according to Devel Motors. When the makers stated that the Devel Sixteen was the world's quickest car, nobody believed them. Devel Motors needs to claim to do road testing like other supercar manufacturers. Anyway, Steve Morris devised and created the Devel 16 engine. The founder of Devel Motors delivered on his promise of exceptional power output. In less than 50 seconds, the Devel Sixteen will reach its top speed of 560 km/h.

Devel Sixteen: Aerodynamics

Speaking of the chassis and aerodynamics, the V16 supercar is bolted with a body made of extremely light and highly durable Carbon Fiber. An adaptive rear wing that adjusts to the vehicle's speed would be visible. There are several air intakes, which both help the hypercar stay glued to the ground and keep its parts cool.

Carbon fiber has been aggressively utilized in the Supercar. Everything that you can see is comprised of carbon fiber, including bumpers, wings, and body panels. The Supercar will have the necessary strength from this material to handle high speed. According to Devel Motors, the 16 is influenced by a jet fighter and exhibits the Hypercars design aesthetic.

The Devel 16's 2,300 kg gross weight gives it a high power-to-weight ratio that aids in the supercar's lightning-quick acceleration. For instance, Level 16 has a power-to-weight ratio of 1623.36 W/kg, which, folks, is HUGE.

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