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2022 BMW Z4 Review: Specs and Pricing



BMW sports cars are known for their confident handling and potent turbocharged engines, and the 2022 Z4 convertible meets those expectations. However, its upmarket cabin, which is cozy enough to be used as a daily driver, also contributes to its appeal. An energetic turbocharged four-cylinder serves as the base engine, but the M40i model's more aggressive twin-turbo inline-six is available. All Z4s have rear-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission that is equally at home cruising down the highway as it is engaging in sportier driving.

As one might anticipate from a BMW sports vehicle, the 2022 Z4 convertible has assured handling and a potent turbocharged engine. But a large portion of its attractiveness also comes from its luxurious inside, which is cozy enough to be used as a daily driver.

The base engine is a quick turbocharged four-cylinder, while the M40i model's more aggressive twin-turbo inline-six is available. All Z4s are rear-wheel drive and equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission that is equally at home on the highway as it is on the track.

What Has Changed For 2022?

The Z4 is largely unchanged from the previous year, although ambient lighting and wireless smartphone charging are no longer options. Convenience and Premium packages no longer include the Driving Assistance package; it is instead available as a separate options package.

BMW Z4: Engine And Performance

An eight-speed automatic transmission with Sport and Manual modes is standard on every 2022 Z4. Additionally standard are steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters. That's accurate: For the first time, a typical manual transmission with a clutch pedal is not an option for the BMW Z4. You won't overlook it.

One of the greatest automatics available, the eight-speed has quick reflexes, quick shifts, and smooth running. The outstanding 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine from the manufacturer, which produces 255 horsepower and lots of torque, powers the sDrive30i. This model accelerated to 60 mph in our tests in 5.1 seconds. That is swift, but a Porsche Boxster, which is still offered with a manual transmission, is a little slower.

The M40i variant comes with a 382-hp twin-turbocharged inline-six for extra power. It transforms the Z4 into a lightning-quick sports car with a zero-to-60-mph time of just 3.8 seconds. It is very tuned and smooth. That outperforms the 350-hp Porsche Boxster S in speed.

BMW Z4: Interior And Comfort

The Z4 boasts a very high-quality cabin, just like all current BMWs. In this class, it might even have the nicest interior. It has high-end materials, superb panel fitting, and well-placed controls. Large bolsters on its seats keep you firmly in place while you appreciate the Z4's dynamism.

Even for people who are taller than six feet, there is more space inside than you may anticipate. Its textile roof is thickly insulated and tightly sealed. The BMW's interior is remarkably silent with the top-up, with so little wind or road noise that it almost seems like a Grand Touring coupe. It unfolds in a matter of seconds with the push of a button. When the top is down and the vehicle is moving quickly, a wind blocker is usually used to minimize wind buffeting. The storage space inside is also pretty roomy. The Z4's interior has various storage compartments, including one in the center console and one with a felt interior to the left of the steering wheel.

Furthermore, there are two sizable cupholders up front and a netted shelf behind the seats. The Z4's trunk only has 10 cubic feet of space, but it can fit two people's worth of stuff for a short weekend road trip.

BMW Z4: Connectivity

Standard features include a huge 10.3-inch touchscreen, navigation, and free Apple CarPlay integration; Android Auto functionality is not offered. The most recent version of BMW's iDrive system has clear graphics and is simple to operate.

The Z4's console's knob, buttons, and voice commands can all be used to intuitively control the machine. Although SiriusXM satellite radio costs extra, a USB connector and Bluetooth streaming music are both standards.

BMW Z4: Pricing

The basic price of the 2022 BMW Z4 is $49,900, making it one of the least expensive luxury sports vehicles. The performance-focused Z4 M40i has a starting price of $63,700, whereas the Z4 sDrive30i has a different MSRP. When a Z4 is fully equipped, its price rises to roughly $75,000, which is still significantly less than what many competitors in its class can go for.

Which One To Purchase?

The 2022 Z4 Drive30i is an unquestionably good bargain even at its base pricing. It is significantly less expensive than its primary competition, the Porsche Boxster, and provides more than adequate performance for the majority of purchasers.

Additionally, you can spruce it up with the M Sport Kit, which enhances both the inside and outside of the vehicle with an aerodynamic body kit and an M Sport steering wheel while also adding an M Sport suspension for enhanced handling.

BMW also offers the Dynamic Handling package, which adds bigger M Sport brakes and its M Sport differential for more traction. Larger 19-inch wheels and tires are also an option.

Although your new Z4 won't be as speedy as the M40i's far more potent acceleration, it will still be more than adequate to meet your needs.

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