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2022 Kia EV6 Review: Specs and Pricing

Kia EV6


The stunning crossover is constructed on the same Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) that will support a large number of new Kia EVs and is the company's first dedicated EV. The EV6 is a prime illustration of the expanding options and capabilities of the most recent electric vehicles, with an estimated range of up to 310 miles and speedy charging rates thanks to its 800-volt architecture.

Additionally, it provides rear- or all-wheel drive, two different batteries, and 167 to 577 horsepower. The latter is true of the top-of-the-line EV6 GT, which will go on sale for the 2023 model year and is said to have a 3.5-second zero-to-60 mph time. The 2022 EV6 is more intriguing than its predecessor thanks to its forceful exterior and appealing interior.

What Has Changed For 2022?

The new 2022 EV6 will be the first of 11 new electric vehicles that Kia promises will be produced by the company by 2026. The EV6 has a sophisticated look, a nice interior, and appealing range and charging specifications.

Kia EV6: EV Motor And Performance

The 2022 EV6 is available from Kia in three primary variations. The standard EV6 has a single 167-horsepower electric motor driving the rear wheels and a 58-kWh battery pack. All higher trims come with a 77.4-kWh battery that can be connected with either rear-wheel drive (225 horsepower) or all-wheel drive (when combined with a second motor) (320 horsepower).

The default configuration is ideal for daily driving tasks. Due to the electric motor's instant torque, the EV6 accelerates quickly off the line and around town. Throttle response is also swift and linear. It takes a reasonable seven to eight seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph, and there is enough power available to pass other cars at highway speeds.

However, choosing an all-wheel drive significantly increases the fun factor. The additional motor gives the EV6 a considerable boost in power and traction, allowing it to go from 0 to 60 mph in just under five seconds. That speed will keep you firmly seated in your seat at full throttle and is quick enough to leap many sports cars at a stoplight.

Kia EV6: Battery Life, Range, And Charging

Two battery sizes are available for the Kia EV6: a 58.0-kWh pack and a 77.4-kWh pack. Of those, the larger one will undoubtedly offer a greater driving range. The larger, long-range battery is EPA-rated for up to 310 miles, while the smaller, regular battery has an EPA-rated range of 232 miles.

On our 75 mph highway fuel economy route, we drove an all-wheel-drive Wind model, which has a larger battery pack, and recorded 230 miles of driving before the battery needed to be recharged. Kia claims that the battery can be charged from 10 to 80 percent when hooked into a 350-kW fast charger in less than 18 minutes and has an operational voltage of 800 volts.

We put this assertion to the test, and the outcome delighted us. According to the identical configuration, an additional 70 miles can be added in under 5 minutes. When connected to a Level 2 outlet, the 11-kW onboard charger should fully recharge the battery from 10 to 100 percent in 7 hours.

Kia EV6: Interior And Comfort

The EV6's interior layout and design are less avant-garde than its exterior, but its configuration and features are more appealing and futuristic than those of any other current Kia car.

The EV6 combines high-tech features like a digital dashboard with practical features like a floating center console with plenty of storage options and a big bin underneath it, even though it lacks sliding center consoles and front-seat footrests like the future Ioniq 5.

The two-tone, two-spoke steering wheel, the large start button on the central console, and the tastefully placed gold accents throughout the cockpit are further noteworthy features.

The passenger room is ample because of the EV6's flat floor and wheelbase, which is the same length as the three-row, mid-size Kia Telluride. Additionally, there is a cargo area of 28 cubic feet behind the back seat and a total of 54 cubic feet with the rear seatbacks folded flat. Additionally, there is more storage under the front trunk, however, it is smaller than anticipated.

Kia EV6: Connectivity

A 12.0-inch touchscreen that extends from the 12.0-inch digital gauge cluster in the EV6 controls the infotainment system. However, the menu layout and navigation's design and functionality are lackluster.

The system contains well-liked features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, wireless smartphone charging, and a Wi-Fi hotspot in addition to being able to accept over-the-air upgrades and react to a variety of voice requests. The stereo can also be updated to the 14-speaker Meridian unit that is readily available.

Kia EV6: Pricing

The 2022 Kia EV6 has a starting MSRP of $40,900. That is approximately average for an electric SUV and compares favorably to competitors like the Kia Niro EV, the Ford Mustang Mach-E, and the Volkswagen ID.4. The EV6 costs $47,000 for the base Wind trim, $51,200 for the GT-Line trim, and $58,500 for the First Edition with all available options.

Which One To Purchase?

In addition to being the cheapest method to have all-weather traction, we advise getting the dual-motor, all-wheel-drive Wind grade level since it has 320 horsepower total, which is more than the single motor's 225 horsepower. Next year, the performance-focused GT model will be added to the roster.

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