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2022 Toyota Camry Review: Specs and Pricing

2022 Toyota Camry


The 2022 Toyota Camry has the same nameplate as earlier models, but because of its exaggerated appearance and performance model, it is hardly recognizable. This is because the current Camry is likely its most enticing model yet. The common, if boring, four-cylinder engine is cost-effective and suitable for daily driving. Even if the hybrid version's acceleration is unremarkable, it maximizes fuel efficiency.

With the sport-tuned Camry TRD, which is truly fun to drive, the lusty 301-hp V-6 is left to take up the pace. While the overall refinement and satisfaction of competitors like the Honda Accord and Hyundai Sonata may be higher, Toyota has several appealing attributes of its own, including a full complement of standard active safety features and the goodwill built up over many years of proven dependability.

What has changed for 2022?

The diversity of the 2022 Camry lineup's models' appearances is the only thing that has changed. The Nightshade appearance package, which includes black exterior trim, black wheels, etc., is now available on hybrid vehicles, unlike before. Along with somewhat altered color options, the Camry now offers Edge White on non-TRD trim levels. The Galactic Aqua color, however, is no longer available.

Which one to purchase?

The tuned-up TRD model of the Camry is the spiciest of the group, so we'd choose that one. Only the 301-hp V-6 and eight-speed automatic are offered with it. The sedan features a retuned suspension that is 0.6 inches lower than on the standard vehicles in addition to its sportier body makeover, which includes a subtle rear spoiler and two noticeable exhaust points.

Larger front brake rotors and black 18-inch rims with all-season or summer tires are two further performance-improving improvements. Even while its cat-back exhaust system doesn't sound as thrilling as its many aerodynamic add-ons suggest, the enhancements make the Camry TRD more fun to drive than the rest of the lineup.

2022 Toyota Camry: Interior and comfort

We've driven the Camry in both its top-tier XLE and more budget-friendly SE trim levels. Both are roomy and cozy, but the XLE is beyond opulent. However, there is a significant difference in material quality between the less expensive variants and the more expensive models, and the dashboard's center section's uninspiring design turned off several of us.

The Camry is a spacious sedan with plenty of storage space inside, both in the cabin and in the trunk when the back seat is folded. Although it isn't at the top in every storage category, it is very competitive overall. Toyota moved the Camry hybrid's battery from the trunk to underneath the back seats so those hybrid owners wouldn't have to give up cargo space in exchange for better gas mileage.

2022 Toyota Camry: Pricing

The 2022 Toyota Camry starts at $26,320 for a basic LE model with front-wheel drive. If you want the most loaded version, the XSE with a V6 engine and front-wheel drive, it will cost $36,745. All-wheel drive can be added to some gasoline-powered models for an extra $1,400. Hybrid versions start at $28,405 and go up to $33,845.

2022 Toyota Camry: Engine and Performance

Although the eight-speed automated transmission and conventional four-cylinder engine are smooth, the power plant's acceleration capabilities are underwhelming. The Camry hybrid is powered by a less potent variation of that engine coupled with a battery and two electric motors, but it isn't any more fun to drive than the original engine. The silky 301-hp V-6, which is offered on the XLE, XSE, and TRD models as well as the variation, is the actual diamond of this lineup.

Additionally, we're pleased to report that we no longer detest driving the Camry.

It handles surprisingly well and has a calm ride. When cornering, the steering has a pleasing weight to it, and it feels light when navigating parking lots. Even in the hybrid, where it must combine friction with regenerative braking (where the energy from braking is used to recharge the hybrid's battery pack), we found the Camry's brake pedal to be quick and not overly soft. However, the hybrid's brake pedal is touchy at slower speeds, making parking maneuvers somewhat jerky.

2022 Toyota Camry: Fuel efficiency and MPG

The entire Camry family performed admirably in the EPA tests, and a four-cylinder model excelled in our in-depth testing on real-world highways. The base LE hybrid model received ratings of 51 mpg city and 53 mpg highway, while the LE and SE with the four-cylinder engine received ratings of 28 mpg city and 39 mpg highway.

However, the hybrid's higher trims make certain efficiency sacrifices in favor of luxury, while V-6-powered vehicles received ratings of up to 33 mpg on the highway and 22 mpg in the city. In our highway test, a four-cylinder Camry SE achieved 45 mpg, exceeding its own EPA rating by 6 mpg, and becoming the most economical non-hybrid vehicle we've ever tested. Even by one mpg, it outperformed the Camry XLE hybrid that we tested.

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