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2022 BMW 7 Series Review: Specs and Pricing

2022 BMW 7 Series


The 2022 BMW 7-series ticks many boxes if you're searching for a big car to drive, notably for its roomy and comfortable cabin that can be equipped with a wide range of luxury options. All models have a smooth powertrain, which ranges from an inline-six in the base 740i to twin-turbo V-8 and V-12 possibilities.

There's even a plug-in hybrid variant, which can run on electricity for up to 17 miles before switching to its gasoline engine. The largest BMW sedan prioritizes comfort, so there isn't much for drivers to do to pass the time, but the 7-series excels as a cruiser because of its smooth ride, which easily masks road imperfections.

What has Changed for 2022?

Buyers can now acquire the remote-control parking capability separately, which is the only modification in store. Apart from that, the BMW flagship sedan is unaltered until 2021.

2022 BMW 7 Series: Pricing

The rear-drive 2022 740i's Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is $86,800. Including the $995 destination fee, the total comes to $87,795. All-wheel drive adds an extra $3,000 to the price

Which one to Purchase?

The lead-footed among us may disagree, but the 740i's standard powerplant, a turbocharged inline-six, is ideal for this car's laid-back personality. It's the one we'd choose because it has plenty of gumption when you need it and is otherwise quiet and smooth.

Additionally, its cheaper beginning price frees up cash for some opulent interior options. To relax and let the car do some of the work, we would spend extra money on the Driving Assistance Professional package, which includes a semi-autonomous driving mode that is very helpful in traffic jams.

2022 BMW 7 Series: Interior and Comfort

The interior design of BMW vehicles has been considered professional for many years. When its cars were more focused on the serious business of driving, that was okay. The more recent 7-series lacks that mentality, allowing occupants to notice build quality, materials, and design that are only average for this expensive segment. Yes, it is roomy, but every limousine in this class is. It's opulent, but after a few miles in a Mercedes-Benz S-class or even a Genesis G90, you'll want more from a vehicle with a starting price of more than $80,000.

The BMW's 18 cubic feet of trunk space is numerically at least two cubic feet larger than those of rivals like the Cadillac CT6 and the G90. The truth, however, is rather different: we could only fit three carry-on baggage within the trunk of our 740i test car, whereas the other sedans could accommodate twice as many.

2022 BMW 7 Series: Connectivity

BMW's iDrive infotainment system has long since grown past its early kinks to develop a clear, appealing user experience. The most recent version, known as iDrive 7.0, can be operated using the touchscreen or an easy-to-use interface on the center console. It's preferable to use the touchscreen or rotary controller because the system can recognize specific hand movements for some commands, but our experience with them has ranged from tedious to frustrating.

For front-seat occupants, each 7-series provides two USB connections, as well as four 12-volt plugs dispersed around the interior. Bluetooth is standard, and an optional Samsung tablet with a dock that allows for remote access to some infotainment systems is placed between the back seats. Oddly, Android Auto is not available; Apple CarPlay is the norm.

2022 BMW 7 Series: Engine and Performance

The top two features on the short list of highlights are engines and transmissions. From the 740i's 320-hp turbocharged inline-six to the M760i's incredible 601-hp twin-turbo V-12, every engine in this lineup is incredibly smooth and seems more powerful than its stated horsepower capacity. Even the 745e plug-in, which combines an electric motor and turbocharged six-cylinder engine, manages to drive with a natural feel that is lacking in most hybrids.

Every 7-series has a different version of the same eight-speed automatic transmission with quick shifts. The 740i can be equipped with all-wheel drive (or xDrive in BMW marketing lingo), but the remainder of the lineup comes standard.

No matter whatever drive mode you choose, the suspension is excessively soft and there is little body control. The 7-series has ample cornering grip, but exploring it is discouraged by the suspension's overall movements and the light, insensitive steering in particular.

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